Join forces with your parents to select the career that works for you!


Often there is a great conflict between the parents and children at crucial junctures of their lives. A sensible, normal ( read – NOT HEATED) discussion where both sides listen to what the other party is trying to say helps a lot in the long run.

Here are some things that parents should keep in mind when they help their children select the right career:

  • Remember – your child has a separate identity. He/She is not you. Refrain from realizing all your unfulfilled dreams and ambitions through them.
  • They may want to pursue a completely different line instead of taking care of your thriving business in the future. They are entitled to do so. You cannot burden them with your expectations and hopes.
  • Listen to what your child is trying to say. Yes, they are in all probability immature and lack the worldly experiences of years that you have. But they are not totally wrong in their thinking.
  • Children are totally tuned in to the latest career trends. Newer, better and bigger avenues are opening up every day.
  • As parents, we may rightly wonder whether the whole thing will work in the long run – but if they are taking a calculated risk and erring on the fair side of caution – there is no harm in taking up such lines.
  • There is bound to be less competition here, faculty members will be more focussed, experienced and zealous and quality education is ensured.
  • If the line is different but has good prospects in the market, we should encourage them to take such risks.
  • Even lines like engineering and medicine do not guarantee a lucrative job to all students pursuing it.
  • There is a certain amount of risk that we have to factor in at all times with respect to any career.
  • Tell your children to explain things to you in simple terms and talk at a slower pace with patience.
  • Tell them that you are with them all through, but want to get a thorough understanding of what exactly they want to do before they take the final plunge.
  • Give them your total support and create time to visit even distant colleges in other cities to get the real picture.
  • Then set them free! J ! That is the most important thing of all.

Things that children need to keep in mind before selecting the right career:

  • Refraining from succumbing to the herd mentality. We are endowed with a brain – think with it.
  • Sorry for using such harsh words. I rarely do this. Believe me. But sometimes it becomes very necessary to keep the children grounded and shake them out of their misconceptions.
  • Keep in mind that your parents are going to fund your education. Use this fund fruitfully. Education is the biggest gift that they are giving you. Don’t squander that hard earned money into experimenting with your career.
  • There are ample real life cases to prove this point. Listen to your parents when they give you such examples.
  • They do not want to restrict you in any way. They keep your best interests in mind at this stage.
  • They know you and your academic capacity better than you think. If they are telling you something, you owe it to them to listen to their advice.
  • They may be confused or unaware of new lines. Explain things to them with patience and love.
  • Follow your gut. Do your own research. Select a good college which offers value for your time and money and efforts.
  • Then put your heart and soul into clearing all those exams and do your parents proud.
  • Yes, you may realize that you made the wrong choice within six months. Have the gumption to stick to your wrong choice by studying with zeal.
  • You took it up – it is up to you now to sail through it. Don’t let the burden of your mistakes fall on your parents’ shoulders.
  • You are a student. Studying should be your priority. Only weak individuals give excuses to justify their mistakes.
  • Whether you like the course or not – once you take up a career – make it your business to study.


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