The pros and cons of studying in a private college!

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We strongly recommend that our readers read our previous article (“The pros and cons of studying in a government college!”) alongside this article to get a complete picture of both kinds of colleges!

A word of caution: There have been real life scenarios, where entire departments of such private colleges have suddenly folded up because the degree that they finally got was not a valid one. Perhaps the college was not affiliated to a university or it was not recognized by the government. Honestly – I am not aware of the exact details myself! But I am aware that such things really happened not so long ago in a particular state of India – and I want my readers to get the benefit of my awareness!

What a waste of time, effort and money! Your future and your career is at stake – please make it your business to find out such details first!


Pros of studying in a private college:

Private colleges maybe entirely autonomous and/or affiliated to a recognized university.

Students should really, meticulously and thoroughly check out these details before they secure admission into such colleges.

Students who are keen in taking up off beat courses are able to do so in private colleges only.

Some colleges even give their students the option of selecting their own optional subjects from a wide variety of courses.

The campus of private colleges is well maintained and has a great ambience for learning.

Premier private colleges provide great salaries and perks to their staff members and ensure that they are all masters in their respective fields.

They provide great amenities to their students in the form of well equipped labs, latest books in the libraries, well maintained hostels and hygienic food for their students who stay within their premises.

The fees are almost 10 times higher compared to government colleges, but the exposure that they gain along the way adequately compensates the high tuition fee.

The cut off marks are high even in such colleges.

So students get to interact with other students having the same IQ levels.

They also gain exposure to students from other states within India and students belonging to other countries.

Such colleges believe in two way learning processes wherein the students are asked to do their own research and present their own learning via presentations.

Some private colleges organize workshops, guest lectures and seminars on a regular basis so that their students are able to align their learning with the market.

Some private colleges even employ visiting faculty members. Such lecturers are practicing experts in real life and give their students the advantage of their practical knowledge and guidance.

Interaction like this puts the students at a great advantage because they are mentally prepared for the challenges that may lie ahead!

Placement records in private colleges are great especially in premier reputed colleges.

Premier companies opt for private colleges to select students because their chances of getting market-ready students who are exposed to the latest technology and subjects is higher here.

Cons of studying in a private college:

Not all students can afford the steep fees of such colleges.

If such colleges do not have government quota seats, students who cannot afford such fees are forced to take up admission in government colleges despite securing great scores academically.

The lecturers may not be experts or experienced enough in private colleges because the college authorities take such decisions.

They may be unwilling to shell out huge sums of money as staff salaries and may prefer hiring graduates as lecturers too. In government colleges it is mandatory for lecturers to have a degree in post graduation.

There it is – a cut and dried analysis of both kinds of colleges. There are bound to be pluses and minuses in both scenarios. Ultimately it all depends on each individual college. A government college may have an excellent reputation while a private college may simply be in money making mode. We just need to do a thorough background check up before we make that crucial decision.

All the best!

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