Engineering – is it an elusive mirage?


Engineering was the elusive mirage that most parents and students chased about 5 years back.

I always wondered about three things.

If so many students pursue so many different lines of engineering for 5 consecutive years, the market would be saturated with engineers by the time the student passed out.

Unless the student got admission into a college of repute where the placement scenario was good, he would find it tough to get a job at the end of the course.

We naively assume that the students would be able to cope with the engineering subjects.

Then we feel sad when engineers find it difficult to get a job or students drop out of the course midway.

Don’t get carried away by the herd mentality:

Yes, it is perfectly fine to say – I don’t know what to do.

At least you are open to exploring other career options.

Decent grades may enable you to take up a good line of engineering in a decent college.

But is this what you really want to do all your life?

Will you enjoy your career and your work or are you in it only because ‘everyone’ says that you will earn a fat salary?

Explore the line that you are interested in thoroughly:

What do civil engineers or aeronautical engineers actually do?

What kind of subjects do they study?

Google and interact with people in the real or virtual world to get a real picture.

Be open with such people. Ask them about their work and your prospects in future. Listen to their suggestions.

Refrain from becoming obstinate.

Listen to what your parents/cousins/siblings/relatives and friends have to say.

They want you to get the benefit of their experience and expertise.

Don’t hesitate to change your decision.

Don’t hesitate to follow your gut either.

If your intuition is strongly directing you towards a particular line of engineering and you know that you will excel in that line – go for it.

Understand that every decision that you make now, will have a direct bearing on your career all through your life.

Do a thorough background check of the college that you are likely to gain admission into:

What are the electives that are being offered in the college?

Is the college reputed for this particular line of engineering?

Are the lecturers experienced practitioners of their craft?

Are the lectures conducted regularly? Do students attend all the lectures and benefit from it?

Know that you will have to go into self study mode most of the time.

Lecturers and even coaching classes for engineering may not always be available to clarify all your doubts for you.

Check out your options for post graduation before you take your final decision:

Most students either go in for post graduation or for an MBA or PGDM after they do their engineering.

Not all lines of engineering have post graduation options.

For a couple of lines, post graduation courses in India are limited.

Students interested in doing their post graduation in such lines may have to study abroad.

Will your parents be able to sponsor you at a later stage if you do decide to take up this line?

Remember, college is not a cool place to hang out with friends. It is an educational institution that will endow you with practical knowledge and skills. There is no harm in having fun- as long as we know why we are there in the first place.

Listen to everyone but do what you think is best for you. And then go ahead and simply put your heart and soul into the line that you finally take up.

Take charge of your academics. Your life will automatically transform itself!

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