6 higher study options for engineers


Let’s assume that you have finished your B.E or your B.Tech. Let’s also assume that after engineering, you are very clear about going in for higher studies but are not too sure about the line that you finally wish to pursue. Here are some options that will help you make your final choice.

Option 1: M.Tech:

An M.Tech degree will equip you with specialized knowledge in the field of engineering that interests you.

You will have to crack an engineering entrance exam conducted at a national level called GATE to get admission into reputed institutes like IITs, NITs, and IISc etc.

Option 2: MBA/PGDM:

If you really feel that you want to explore the commercial aspect of your technical expertise, do go in for an MBA/PGDM. Don’t get swayed by other people’s opinions. Do this course if you really know that you have the potential to become an entrepreneur or if some specialized aspect of business (like HR, Digital Marketing, Sales etc) stimulates your passion. Be aware of all the potential challenges that you are likely to face – and then take up this line and work with zeal!

Cracking exams like the CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, IRMA, CMAT etc is not a cake walk. Working hard with focus is the only available option. Nothing can ever stop a resolute soul – so just plod on!

Option 3: Civil Services:

Most students don’t even dare to dream of cracking the entrance exams for such jobs. They look upon an IAS or an IPS officer with awe. Indeed these exams are highly competitive but preparing for such exams will also unearth all that hidden potential within you that even you did not know existed.

If you have faith in your intellect and know that you can back this up with hard work – the thought of appearing for this exam should excite you – not scare you.

Go on ……don’t let an exam deter you from fulfilling your dreams.

Option 4: Explore new short term courses.

Very often students are able to tune into the pulse of the market and understand the immediate requirements of the job scenario. Colleges very often conduct seminars/ career fairs etc and also invite professionals to work as visiting faculty members. This creates a lot of awareness amongst the students. Many students opt to go in for a short full time course to equip themselves with specialized skills and knowledge. This gives them an added advantage and they know they can command greater salaries with such skills. Embedded technology, robotics, machine/protocol testing etc are some new lines that are emerging.

We are sure that there are a whole host of new lines emerging in the market even as we write this article – the student is the best judge. Short term courses may be expensive but they prove to be invaluable. Since the students learn highly specialized skills in a short time- they feel this is a good option which will work in their favour. Do explore such options and think carefully before you take your final decision.

Option 5: M.S. (Master of Science)

Where money is not a constraint, students are excited by the prospects of going abroad to pursue their higher studies. Getting into reputed colleges is a long process but it proves to be worthwhile. Students get a lot of exposure when they go abroad and the learning proves to be invaluable. Several students also end up getting better jobs abroad and their lives most certainly change for the better. A few students seriously consider going in for research and end up enrolling for PhD courses once they start earning there. Quite a few colleges provide scholarships to students securing outstanding grades which motivates them to explore such rare opportunities fully.

Students have to appear for exams like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS etc depending on the requirements of colleges that they are applying to and the courses they wish to pursue.

Option 6: Defense services:

A career in the army, navy or air force is no longer associated only with patriotism. A decent income and an interesting unique job with good facilities lure quite a few students to explore this option too. There is a constant demand for technical staff in this sector too, so students are bound to benefit by considering the pros and cons of this line too.

A simple Google search will equip them with the exams that they need to appear for. The University Entry Scheme (UES), the Air Force Common Admission Test (AFCAT) etc are some exams that they will have to appear for before they gain admission into such courses.

The last option is to ignore all the options listed above and follow your gut. Perhaps you:

  • Wish to take up journalism or pursue some form of art because you have realized that you have been gifted with some special talent.
  • Wish to take up social service and work for some cause in an NGO.
  • Appreciate the hard work of your parents and want to expand their thriving enterprise with your technical skills.

Just go ahead. Remember there is never a right or a wrong decision here. Just know that – every decision that you take will have some plus and minus points. You will experience ups and downs in any career that you finally take up. And we all will end up with a couple of regrets in our lives. But if at the end of the day we are happy and satisfied with our learning and the work that we are doing – a smile should most definitely adorn our faces!

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