Job? Higher studies ? Dealing with the big dilemma


Assuming that you have read the previous article fully – the first thing we recommend in deciding between taking up a job and going for higher studies is:

  • Delete the expectations from your family/friends/neighbours and relatives from your mind and heart.
  • Listen to them if you want advice but be strong enough to ignore it if it is taking you off course or confusing you.
  • Take your parents into your confidence and openly discuss your current mental and emotional state with them.

Option 1: Take up a job?

Accept that you are tired of studying. Semester exams, lectures – boring lectures at that – the last minute cramming, the endless assignments and submissions can drain even the most intellectual of students.

Accept the fact that perhaps at a later stage you might reconsider going in for another degree. Perhaps you just need to find a job and work for a couple of years before you know what you are really interested in.

Simply start applying and take up a job that piques your interest. Some students

  • Are fortunate enough to land a decent job in a good company right away.
  • Feel that with a couple of years of work experience they will understand what they want to specialize in.
  • Feel that it is easier to get admission into reputed colleges for higher studies if they have some work experience.

Please know that this stage can be quite confusing and challenging at the same time. Sadly, not all students are able to land decent jobs after finishing their engineering. The market is saturated with graduate engineers from various lines. Finding a job of their liking may prove to be elusive. Several students are so positive about finding a ‘good’ job that they freeze the option of higher studies completely only to regret it after a year.

They are forced to take up a job – any job that gives them some semblance of a decent income. Since they had set such high expectations of themselves, they end up getting frustrated.

Instead of looking at the positive side of their current job and learning from it – they end up ‘hating’ it and are always looking for an opportunity to hop to another ‘better paying’ job.

A couple of years later they realize that every job that they take up will have its own set of challenges. We just need to square our shoulders and go in for something that works best for us.

So, switch jobs by all means if you find a better job and think that you are wasting your time in your current job. Go in for higher studies if that is what you feel will work for you.

Follow your gut and your intuition here. And then shoulder the responsibility of the choice that you are making.

Option 2: Go in for higher studies?

A lot of students realize their potential while they are studying. They find some lines fascinating. Perhaps the college that they passed out from was not all that great. They want to make up by getting a good quality post graduate degree. Perhaps they have just come across some new line that will open up better job prospects for them. If all of this is something that you are able to relate to – then do seriously consider going in for higher studies. Quite a few students

But there are quite a few students too who just want a double degree. They feel the degree certificate alone will add weight to their resume. Perhaps they might end up getting admission into an okayish college too. They do manage to get through the course only to realize that it did not make any major difference in their job prospects.

There is no right or wrong take here. Neither are we suggesting or recommending one option as better than the other. We are just projecting real life scenarios on this portal so that students are aware about the long term impact of their choices on their career. Often our own euphoria regarding a nice career with a fat salary blinds us to reality. So think for a while and then march on with a smile on your face! Create that future of yours one step at a time without expecting too much in return. You will be happier and more satisfied with the choices that you make.

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