Bookish knowledge in a professional world!

The spines of these books in the library at Anglesey Abbey makes an intriguing composition. I had a little fun with masking too  :-)

We may all be endowed with talent and a lot of potential. Our education equips us with knowledge and awareness. By now, we have a basic vague idea about our strengths and weakness. Perhaps we have some work experience and we feel this has added a facet to our personality apart from adding some weight to our resume. And now – all we yearn for is one great opportunity to prove our worth and our mettle! Most youngsters feel that they can create this opportunity for themselves by doing an MBA.

Well, just to sober you up –what you feel is ‘adequate and ample’ is often not even enough to meet the basic requirements of a job. We feel that most students can create good opportunities for themselves by understanding professionalism.

Most students:

  • Fail miserably when it comes to expressing themselves clearly.
  • Lack confidence in projecting a true picture about themselves!
  • End up creating a facade that the interview panel can easily see through!
  • Feel that ‘not knowing English’ is a major drawback.

Perhaps they are right. But there are quite a few successful people out there who do not know a word of English too. All we can say is that – it is never too late to learn a language or improve your communication skills or be honest at all times.

No, this is not another article about how to breeze through that crucial interview. This is just to show you that there is a mini lesson on marketing hiding in that experience.

Just think of yourself as a customer. Do you like people who stuff advertisements down your throat during prime time every day? Are you able to astutely gauge the genuineness and authenticity of a product by using it a couple of times? Is the product worth the money that you are investing?

A good product will do well in the market if:

  • There is a genuine need in the market for that commodity.
  • The advertisement delivers what it promises.
  • It is affordable and cost effective.

Now, finally coming to the point – a Masters course in Business Administration will expose you to all these fine nuances of cashing in on your talents, skills, knowledge and experience.

Yes, my dear student, you also need to know how to market yourself in an authentic way at an affordable price! Let those dreams about all those zeroes in your salary wait a while. Garner some real life learning first.

Building up a reputation takes a lot of time – and we are not talking about the reputation of a business. We are talking about your reputation as a person.

It does not matter whether you want to become an entrepreneur or join a business house. Before you enroll for a master’s course in business administration – make it your business to become a truly professional person. And then add a small personal touch to every task that you successfully perform.

That may sound like a lot of common sense to most of you. But just think awhile about the following aspects.

  • You still have time to hone and polish some skills before you finally join the work force.
  • A double degree from a reputed college will do you no good if you are a poor communicator or have no command over a common language or lack interpersonal or negotiating skills.
  • There is a big gap between your academic bookish knowledge and the practical work scenario.
  • It will most definitely take you some time to understand the dynamics of your work requirements and your organization.
  • A professional person knows his job and works confidently because he has spent time getting that experience and exposure. He is confident because he knows how to do his job properly and thoroughly.

So, park your ego at the gate – and slowly transform yourself from a gauche academician to a practical thorough professional.

Our subsequent articles deal with MBA specializations. We hope this creates enough awareness amongst all our readers and guides them in the right direction. All the best to you!

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