Most sought after MBA specializations – part 2


Mature 20+ youngsters readily accept the fact that they are still not too sure about the specialization that they want to take up. An MBA sounds interesting and piques their interest. They know they are reasonably smart and can work hard to get the desired results. They do not mind taking up lines where there is less competition. In fact, they find such lines intriguing and know that they can excel in such areas. In part 1 of this series, we covered some of the most popular MBA specializations. Here are some more:

MBA in International Business:

The world has shrunk and we get to expand our horizons just by working on our laptops. Trade is no longer confined to domestic shores. International business is just a click away and outsourcing has become a norm rather than a luxury. Students who thrive on seeing the big picture – in the literal sense J can seriously consider this option.

They get to learn:

  • The policies of different countries related to export and import management.
  • Foreign exchange rates, how they keep fluctuating and how to manage it.
  • The nuances of raising capital for their enterprises from international markets.
  • The art of communicating with people of other countries.
  • To factor in the logistics of shipping goods to foreign destinations and how to price the products optimally to retain customer loyalty.

Reputed international firms are bound to have a requirement for people with this kind of specialized knowledge. Often, globetrotting becomes a part and parcel of their lives. The sheer exposure that the youngsters get from such experiences pays them rich dividends literally. Of course there is a lot of commitment, labour and skill involved but the practical learning is bound to help them in the long run.

MBA in Operations Management:

Several new products are launched into the market almost on a daily basis. Some strike a chord of success instantly while others die a quiet death. Students pursuing this line get to learn:

  • The art of managing the product properly and launching it at the right time.
  • To study the techniques of shop floor management.
  • Maintain inter departmental relationships.
  • Customer relationships.
  • Quality control.
  • Analyse the logistics.
  • Review and analyse why some products work and some simply do not work with their targeted customer base.

As mentioned in the previous articles, it is not enough to have a great product alone. A lot of factors need to be taken into account before the customers accept it. And that is what the students learn in this course.

MBA in Information Technology:

Information is vital and crucial. Privacy is an invaluable business strategy. Communication needs to be precise. Students interested in information technology work almost round the clock to design and implement hardware and software solutions to solve the problems faced by business houses. Every business is unique, so the requirements are naturally diverse and the learning is bound to be continuous. Students who yearn to specialize in this line learn:

  • Legal and ethical business practices.
  • Manage the security of their clients.
  • Analyse the systems and design programs according to the specifications of the clients.
  • Manage information systems.
  • Database management.
  • Update themselves constantly to understand the continuously evolving information technology infrastructure.

Allow the options to seep into your minds and hearts. Give it some time and just de focus from it for a couple of days. Your sub conscious mind will direct you in the right direction. Join the band wagon if this is what stirs your passion the most. Dare to tread on the path less taken if this seems to be the right choice for you. Every choice that you make will most definitely have a consequence. But in the end, it all works out for the better. That is something that we assure you of. Read on to explore more options.



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