Planning to send your child to a boarding school ? Here’s what you need to know

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Some of the best schools in the country right now are Boarding and Residential schools. However, how does one know at what age, or at what part of one’s child’s life should they be sent to a boarding school? Boarding life is one to cherish and remembered all our lives. One that helps us get independent and take decisions for ourselves. In all this experience gaining and making your child independent one must not forget that at the end of the day it’s what you want the child to achieve from being put them into a boarding school.

Here is a small checklist as to what one should definitely know while putting your child into a boarding school.

  • Identify the schools

The first step in choosing a school is to let your imagination run wild about what you want in the school for your child. Make wishlists, make lists and then let any boarding school that had any semblance to what you want be listed in your coveted list. Seek both public and private schools that will enrich your list and give you a wider choice. Check the top ten lists and read up the reviews. By the end of the this you should have your top 20 schools in the first draft of your list.

  • Narrow it down

Once you’ve got your top 20, now your job is to try and work out the list and wean out which ones you don’t want. The short list that you should end up with should be 3 – 5 boarding schools at the end of the session. You may ask yourself a few questions about what kind of school would you like to send your child too. Questions like

  1. Do you want co education?
  2. Should the school be small or large?
  3. Do you want one with extra stress on co curricular activity or not?
  4. Would you like your child to be in a school with special needs?
  5. Would you like your child to go into a military or a public school?

These are some of the questions that will help you narrow down the list for your selection process. Also it will give you an insight as to what kind of school would you like your child to attend. You can also opt for consultants that will help you look at your child’s credentials and interests and curate a list for you based on the information that you will provide.

  • Plan a field trip

Once you have your list narrowed down to the two to three schools that you would like your child to goto, you should plan a field trip to the school. Just to see the feel and the tempo of the way the school functions. This will help your child form a mental image of the boarding school and with a brief introduction to the traditions there, your child might be able to find interest that will further your cause.

  • Admission

Many boarding schools have fixed admission test dates. Once you have found the boarding school that checks all your lists that you mentally made, you should get in touch with the authority and get the dates and forms for the admission of your child.

  • Go for it!

Now, the admission test done and once your child has cleared the admission process, then all you need to do is to fill in the documentation and pay for the boarding school of your choice. If its an online application then you should just fill in the correct details and submit the whole tution fees.

Now you have successfully sent your child to the boarding school of your choosing!!!  Ofcourse the best advice right now will be, be the early bird which catches the worm.

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