5 apps to make your child smarter


The saying that is going around nowadays is “If you tell people that the brain was an app, they just might start using it”. Funny though, I think that the brain is the oldest app. It does what you tell it to do, it takes care of bodily functions and well the body becomes a kind of game where you have to feed it, exercise it and so on and so forth. Now, coming to your child’s curious mind and the affinity to the iPad or the iPhone or the Tab and the computer, there are some apps that might keep the little ones engaged and make them learn too.

Here are 5 of the most popular apps that might help your child take time away from the Flappy Bird and Facebook!

Does your child as you too many questions which leave you rather exhausted? To satiate the small curious mind the WikiSpeaker app might solve most of your problems. This app can provide the necessary answers without having to type it through. It just might get your busy bee a little busier and may help you let off some stress. This app is best for the ages of 5-12.

Is your child petrified of Mathematics? This genie in the app will make Mental Maths fun and easy to learn for your child. It employs colorful and easy ways for your child to develop a system of doing math problems with ease. With the innovative and constant problem solving ability, the child will be enthralled and just might take a liking to Math. He/she might baffle the teacher too!

An IOS only app, this is one app that will help your child know the amount of homework that he has to do for the day. It enables the child as well as the parent to monitor their upcoming assessments and assignments with ease.

  • Match The Preschool Alphabet

This is a colourful app for the toddler just starting out. As the school lays emphasis on the alphabet and their sounds and recognition, this is the perfect tool for your little one to learn with music and sound. The child will learn to recognize the alphabet in a way that is way more fun and innovative then off the board.

This is a very useful app for children on the go. While they are studying or they are reading the Dictionary Book app will provide them the necessary information in a nutshell without taking up a whole scroll down page. This will let you child get to the word with ease and the usage is better explained.

The list is endless on the apps that you can download for children to make them smarter and more aware of what’s happening around them. However, the apps are just a means to and end the child needs to still consult the books and learn off the page rather then only off a screen!

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