Thinking of sending your child to IB school? Here’s what you need to know


The international Baccalaureate (IB) has taken India by storm. With parents wanting to make global citizens of their children, an education in an IB School is becoming an upcoming thing. Interaction of students from different countries will help your child in connecting with the world in a more hands on approach, which will help him/her to easily adjust in a new country. A lot of schools have resorted to getting their curriculum at par with the International Schools; this helps them further the education of children on a global level. However, the question that lingers in every parent’s mind at the moment is –  Is an International School for my child?

To give a small sneak peek into an IB school education, here are a few pointers.

  • The Cost

An international school, as they provide an infrastructure nothing like what a local school would look like, will cost you more. However, your child will have the advantage over others, as the quality of education is expected to be better and more globally sound than having just a local view point on things. Nevertheless, one should not rule out the public schools as they too have a global outlook on education and in some cases would give better education than some international schools.

  • Culture Clash!

An international school will have a standardized cultural exchange that will help your child develop skills in communication and get a closer look at the culture of other places while interacting with the students. But if you look at your local and public schools in the vicinity, they too would be offering the same kind of cultural exchange and maybe would offer your child an edge over the rest of the children as they would make your child do the work to learn the cultural activities by themselves. The international schools will help your child have a brand value and would offer him/her an opportunity to learn from local hands. So if you’re looking for cultural exchange then international school is for you.

  • Higher Education

If you have already thought of sending your child abroad for higher education, then sending them to an international school will only further your cause. Getting a closer look at the way people function and a closer look at the culture of the country will enable your child to settle in much faster in a foreign country later on. If that’s the aim for sending your child to an international school then by all means go ahead. However, if a child has been studying in a public school, even then he/she could settle in abroad. Maybe it would take a tad while longer, but the child could adapt.

So the choice is in your hands. Sending a child to an international school is more brand value than anything more. Global level of education, yes, it might be a little bit more of an exposure in the international school, however, a good public school too will easily take care of your needs.







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