Books to read to cultivate reading habit in a child


Reading is a habit that can extensively widen the knowledge of your child, improve his vocabulary and also make him a good orator. However, reading is an art that needs to be cultivated in the child right from the beginning. By paying some attention during his foundation years you can offer him one of the greatest gifts of life: the love of reading. So here are a few easy yet effective ways in which you can offer your child the love for reading:

Buy them books with Illustrations

Children are fond of colors and pictures. So, the best way to cultivate the habit of reading in them is to buy them the illustrated books that contain a variety of attractive, colorful pictures that would attract you child’s attention. The illustrations should be self-explanatory while there should be minimum text just to support the graphics. Very short stories with attractive graphics would be easy for children to comprehend and also offer a large variety.

Value the child’s interests

It is also important to respect your child’s interests. Many parents force their children to read moral stories. Though they do have good intentions, the child may not always agree with them. Suppose your child is interested in machines rather than animals, then forcing him to read a Jungle book is not a good practice, with all due respect to the story and its moral. You can better buy him the books about robots, spacecrafts and science fiction. Repeatedly forcing him to read something that does not interest him will reduce his interest in reading.

Go for simple books

Be very reasonable while selecting the first book for your child. Go for the simplest books with easily comprehensible stories. You should be considerate about the comprehension level of your child before buying him the books. The best books won’t be able to leave any impact if they are beyond his comprehension. A child is always curious about knowing what the others are talking. So the ideal books to start with are the ones containing least narrative and more dialogues, and obviously lots of pictures. A single story spanning many pages can confuse the child. Likewise avoid the stories with too many characters or complicated storyline.


Give them strange things to read

Children love the strange and quirky things. So, you can also buy them the children books that tell  various strange facts. Ensure that the content should be diverse and presented in an interesting manner. The facts should not only be strange but at the same time interesting and quirky too. So it is a good practice to select the book very carefully. Many things that are strange for us might either be boring or simply incomprehensible for your child. So, consider his comprehension level before buying the books. The language also plays a great role here. The ideal content should be crisp and short. Ideally each strange fact  should not be more than 1-3  lines.

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