How to go about selecting the right extra curricular activities for your child



While curricular activities can help in the intellectual growth of your child, the extracurricular activities promise an all-round personality development. Be it swimming , playing soccer or making crafts, the extracurricular activities can boost the confidence level of your child and gives him a distinct place in the society. However, in order to make your child interested in extracurricular activities you need to start early. Here are a few tips that can be helpful:

Respect child’s interests

It is very important to respect your child’s inclination while choosing the right type of extra-curricular activity for him. Does your child love music? Then singing class or piano class can be best for him. If he excels at drawing or painting then it would be best to send him to painting classes. If he is a ball of energy then why not send him to gymnastics or Judo Karate for kids?

Offer them lovely ambiance

Children see extracurricular activities as the best ways to de-stress themselves, so it is best to offer them the ambiance they like. If the kid likes to socialize, you can send him to the classes with lots of children. On the other hand, an introvert child would love to learn the new things in a comfortable atmosphere of his home.

Don’t be over-expectant

While it is natural to have some expectations from your child  when he starts learning new activities, don’t try to be overambitious. Many times the overambitious parents might stress their child with their expectations and it will affect the child’s interest negatively. Allow him to learn and grow at his own pace.

Consider trial classes

Many children are the jack of all trades and might not have a specific inclination when it comes to finding their favorite extracurricular activities. It might confuse both child and the parents. Hence the best approach is to go tentatively. Most of the extracurricular activities centers offer trial classes and some might also offer such classes for free. So, your child can attend trial classes for one week and then decide whether or not he wants to continue. Generally, within a month, you should come to know the activity, your child is cut out for.

Take an active interest

For the best results, you should take an active interest in the extracurricular activities of your child. Talk with them about the new things they have learned. Congratulate them when they acquire new skills like playing a new music or balancing a football. Show them that you are really impressed by their progress. By nature, the children love to impress the others. So showing them that you are impressed with their performance and progress would keep them motivated.


When it comes to extracurricular activity the peer pressure can play a vital role  in shaping your child decision. Many children join extracurricular classes just to spend some more time with their little buddies. If your child loves soccer but has joined piano class just because one of his best friends has also enrolled for the same, then it will not enhance the skills of your child. His major objective of attending the class is just to spend some more time with his buddy. So, it is best to ensure that your child is genuinely interested in learning a specific activity rather than responding to peer-pressure.

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