How to raise a confident child?


Confidence is one of the key factors that play a vital role in achieving the success. It plays a major part in achieving the success whether it is the field of art, commerce, sports or business. In fact confidence is not a quality that can be learned but it is ingrained and enhanced through a long process that should ideally begin during initial years of the life. So raising a confident child is an art that parents should excel at. Here are a few tips that can boost the confidence of your child:

Make them realize their worth

One of the key factors that play a decisive role in boosting a child’s confidence is a sense of achievement or realizing that he possesses some special qualities that gives him an edge over the others. As a parent you can observe your child closely to know about his qualities. Some children are excellent at dancing, others would be great at study and some might excel in sports. Know the special qualities and talent of your child and appreciate them wholeheartedly. Make them feel proud.

Not only appreciate them but make them feel “On-Top-Of-The-World”. Consider these 2 statements: “You are a good dancer” and “Wow! You are superb! I bet nobody can dance like you!” The latter phrase would offer an “instant boost” to the child’s confidence that he possesses a quality that cannot be matched by anyone else.

Respect his curiosity

Paying proper attention to the child also gives them a feeling of worthiness. So, you need to respect his curiosity. Obviously, many questions may seem worthless to the adults. Their questions may range from “Why do birds fly?” to “Why don’t Papa study at school?” But no matter how worthless the question might appear to the adults, they help a great way in intellectual development of the child. On the other hand, if you will ignore these questions, it will not only discourage the child but will also affect their confidence negatively. The next time he will hesitate before asking any question. The hesitation will further spread to various other aspects of their life and would hamper their social image. Needless to say, it will shatter the confidence of the child.

So, it is very important to respect your child’s curiosity and answer his questions patiently. It will offer dual benefits. It will make the child feel respected and expand his knowledge. It might be demanding but will play a vital role in raising a confident child.


Give them prime position

Placing your child in a “prime position” in any activity is another way to boost his confidence. For example if you are playing cricket match, then let your child be the batsman or if you are playing hide and seek allow  him to seek rather than hide. It will instill the qualities of leadership during the early stage of his life.

Children are good at forming habits and such children will imitate the acquired qualities in other aspects of the life too. For example, in his exams, he would rather prepare his best to secure the prime position among his peers rather than just passing through with average marks. In extracurricular activities, communication, sports and social interaction too, he would not settle at just being an average performer but strive to achieve the prime position. Needless to say, it will make him acquire more skills, polish his talent and boost his confidence.


Travelling is allows the child to experience and enjoy the diversity of the world: be it in terms of geography, society, language or people. It expands their sphere of experience. Coming into contact with diverse people boosts the social confidence of your child. A well traveled child can easily answer the complex social situations. Hence it helps them to socialize more easily.

Another benefit of travelling is that it keeps negative thoughts at a bay. The child is so engrossed in relishing the new vistas and experience that he does not have the time to harbor negative thoughts. It helps them to manage the negativity in an efficient way. Hence, diverse experience, socializing, encountering new experiences and better negativity management nurtures the mentality of your child and make him a confident child.

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