Should I homeschool my kid?


It is said, and rightly so, that home is the first school for children. A variety of activities are taught to the children at home: Right from vital milestones like talking and walking to more complex activities like playing a piano. So the role of home in child’s basic education cannot be underestimated. In fact, many parents may decide to train their children at the home only, instead of sending them at the school. There are a variety of reasons for that. Initially many parents are undecided on the question of homeschooling. The easiest way is to look at the benefits of homeschooling and deciding whether these benefits are relevant to your child. If the benefits seem relevant according to your child’s specific needs then it is best to opt for homeschooling rather than conventional schooling. Here are some of the benefits of homeschooling:

Personalized learning methodology

Due to the high number of students, it is not always possible for the conventional schools to offer a personalized learning methodology to the students. A standard curriculum and learning methodologies are employed for all the students irrespective of their comprehension level and preferred teaching style. In Homeschooling, on the other hand, you can allow your child to learn at his own pace without disturbing his comfort zone. As a parent you know the comprehension level and interest of your child. You also know the leaning methodology that he prefers. Depending upon the same you can design a personalized learning system suitable for your child that would not only augment his curiosity but also allows him to learn the things by heart rather than just imitating the instructions. Most importantly, before moving ahead you can actually confirm that your child has learnt the previous liaisons or assignments.

Enjoy rather than compete

Homeschooling allows the child to “enjoy” extracurricular and creative activities without any fear of competition. The major emphasis is on “enjoying” the activity rather than “competing against” someone. It is but obvious that the children learn better while enjoying an activity. Hence, homeschooling allows them to hone their creative skills. Moreover, all the children cannot feel comfortable with standard activities like fancy dress or dance performance. There can be many children who would prefer, enjoy and excel at unconventional activities like making castles from playing cards or making beautiful figures with clay.  The homeschooling encourages them to further polish their unconventional talent and thus boosts their confidence. The homeschooling also allows the children to select and perform the creative activities according to their own inclination thus offering them a reasonable liberty that would help them to flourish further.

More attention towards developmental issues/learning disabilities

Homeschooling has to deal with a single student (or few students in case of siblings) and thus a personalized attention can be offered to the child. The good performers are offered the best environment to flourish naturally. In case of non-performers the parents can find the root of the problem and offer a customized solution. For instance, if dyslexia is preventing your child from progressing ahead you can consult a psychiatrist. Similarly if the aphasia is keeping them from asking questions and doubts then you can go for a speech therapy. Not only does it allow the parents to unblock the child’s educational success by offering them a suitable solution for their psychological or social problems but also allows them to understand the special needs of their child and take early steps.


Flexible schedule

One thing that bore the children is a set schedule. This is one of the major reasons why most of the children hate schools. However, at the homeschooling you can scale the schedule as per the requirements. While you can follow a well structured daily schedule you may also allow a certain reasonable flexibility or reward your child with surprise holidays or half-days to maintain their interest depending upon his performance. At times, you might also take him to the relevant places that would allow them a better understanding of the subject while bringing an enjoyable curve to the learning process. For example while telling him about the history of your state; you might take him to the visit of relevant museums or historical monuments. It would not only reinvigorate the child’s interest in education but also offers him a new insight.


There are a number of online and offline resources fro the parents to help them in homeschooling:

  • A numbers of e-tutorial sites provide a vast amount of resources to help you educate your child at home. Well-designed learning material supported by media offers interactive and interesting format of earning.
  • Homeschooling network groups can be used to connect with the other parents who are homeschooling their kids. You can share the ideas, ask queries, and know about various online and offline resources. Many groups also conduct regular regional meetings that would further help you to excel in the art of homeschooling.
  • You can also blend a reasonable part of conventional learning with homeschooling. For example, many times either the children start losing the interest from several subjects or the parents find it difficult to teach a few specific subjects. So, If you deem fit, you can hire the home tutors for some specific subjects like science and mathematics. Likewise there are huge resources on the net for helping your child in project assignments.
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