5 games and fun activities to develop cognitive skills in your child


Children learn a variety of things during their initial years of life. Right from counting to new shades and colors. However, if told in a simple way, the children will not be able to learn or retain the same. So, you need to blend sets of skills with different games. It is observed that children learn faster if something has been taught while playing with them. So here are a few games that you can play with your child to enhance his cognitive power:


Singing is an activity that not only strengthens the voice of your child but can also widen his vocabulary. Besides, singing is something that a child would like rather than learning dry vocabulary. Singing is also believed to have a great impact on the memory power.

Snakes and Ladders

There are many games that can help your child learn math in a fun way. It teaches the child to count in 2 ways. He will first need to count the dots on the upper side of the dice and moves ahead accordingly. Secondly, he is observes the box he is currently in to check “who is ahead”. Also, every instance of snakes face or first rung of the ladder and force him to go down (subtraction) or allows him to climb up (addition).

Construction games

Playing construction games like Lego can allow your child to be more creative and learn about the shapes and size. In fact it might seem to be a very simple game; almost mundane and quite unimpressive if compared to various vide games. But that is our perspective. For a child the Lego game offers a vast opportunity to experiment repeatedly and make different shape. Right from the cars till huge house, there are a lot of shapes that can be made of simple Lego bricks. In some tudies a strong relation between Lego playing and mathematics is also noticed. Many Lego lovers grow up to be great at mathematics during high school. So instead of addicting them to video games, allow them to exercise their own creativity with construction games.


I-Spy is another game that can help your child in multiple ways. The best thing is that I Spy does not need any specific tools or board. It helps the child a long way. The game allows them to be observant of the world around them. It also encourages them to identify various shapes and sizes and, above all, being adept at finding different clues, blend them in a sensible sequence and solve the puzzle.

Motoring skills

Playing games like catching a ball, table tennis and badminton can enhance the motoring skills of your child. Apart from keeping healthy these games also allow yes child to enhance his motor skills. Besides it also develops a liking towards healthy competition.

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