What to look for in a school?


Finding an ideal school for your child is not an easy task. You have to visit several schools, talk to school administration, know about their positives and negatives, compare them and then form a final decision. Though internet has simplified the process of shortlisting the schools, parents still need to incur considerable efforts for ensuring that the school is ideal for their child. Everything matters: right from the infrastructure to the character of school staff and the way students are treated. Here are a few tips aimed at helping you select the right school for your child:

Search online to avoid legwork

One of the easiest ways to find the best schools is by searching them online. Most of the reputed schools have their own website that they update regularly. Besides, you can also check school profiles online by visiting education-related websites. It will not only reduce the legwork but will also allow you to sort through a number of schools within a few minutes.

  • Though it is the easiest and most basic way of shortlisting schools for your child, online school searching is just the primary step. You would need to visit the school personally and check its profile thoroughly before forming the final opinion.

Visit the schools personally

Once you have shortlisted several schools, you now need to confirm that the words meet the reality. The school websites prepare the profiles according to their interviews with the school authority. Understandably, there is a fair chance that the presentation may be brighter than the reality. So you should confirm the reality by visiting the school and interacting with the staff

  • Most of the parents would visit the school and also observe it closely. But they mainly consider the infrastructure of the school like furniture, digital classroom, and size of classes, facilities, and sports area. It is still a shallow observation. For instance, even the best sports facilities cannot help your child acquire the sports skills if the trainers are not competent enough. While you should pay attention to infrastructure, it is the competency, qualification and care offered by the staff that matters the most.

Respect your child’s individuality

Every individual has a distinct personality and your child is not an exception here. So, instead of sticking to the general standards, you must ensure the school is ideal for your child. The ideal school for your child is the one that grooms his personality and nurtures his skills without forcing him out of his comfort zone.

  • It is also advisable to ensure that the school treats its special children well. Until your child starts his education you cannot predict his comprehension level precisely. In case if he is a slow learner or has some special needs , then you should be assured that he will get a dignified treatment and encouraging ambiance.

Annual performance does not matter too much

Many parents have a tendency to check the annual performance of the students while selecting an ideal school for their child. Though it is one of the factors that need to be considered, the parents should not give it undue importance. Annual performance only presents a random picture. The school may have many bright students in a particular year resulting in an impressive annual performance. But it does not guarantee that each batch of the school would be equally successful.

  • The best approach is to look for the performance of students over 5 years. Instead of looking at different years individually, try to observe the pattern. Is the success consistent? Is the graph going upwards or coming downwards? The lack of an appropriate pattern (i.e., 50%result in one year followed by 80% the next and again lowering to 70% in the third year) shows that the success is random and depends on upon individual’s own efforts rather than the school’s education system.

Check for the extracurricular activities

Academic qualification is not enough in today’s competitive world. You child needs to be agile, smart, intuitive and creative in order to achieve success in future life. Hence you should ask the school administration about extracurricular activities offered by the school.

  • You should be more specific while asking the questions about extracurricular activities. Which kind of extracurricular activities the school offers and how frequently? Frankly speaking, organizing just one debate competition in school in the entire year wouldn’t really be very helpful in your child’s development.
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