Best schools in South-East Delhi


Finding an ideal school for your child can be an uphill task in today’s time. With so many new schools mushrooming every day, finding the school that would ensure the all-round development of your child seems very difficult. Thankfully, Delhi does not lack in good schools. Here is  list of 10 best schools of South-East Delhi that would be  a great asset for the parents living in these areas:

School: The Mother’s International School

Address: Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi – 110 016

Contact: +91-11-26964140, +91-11-26524806


Guided by the spiritual principles, the school offers all-round development of the child and helps them to grow into brave, strong citizens who own excellent skills and employ them for the development of the entire society instead of developing self-centric approach. Love, kindness, share, care, charity and spirituality are some of the values that are constantly taught to the students so that they should not get distracted by the vices of the world even during their adult life. The school makes the children kind yet brave, allows them to retain their innocence without losing worldly wisdom, ensures that they should excel in the life without leaving behind the less-privileged section of the society and should be able to use both right and left brain with equal attention.


  • Facility for Indoor Games
  • Dance Rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Music Rooms
  • Health and Medical Checkup


School: Bluebells School International, Kailash Colony

Address: Kailash (Opp.) Lady Shriram College, New Delhi-110048

Contact:   011-29232963, 011-29235679



Apart from academic, extracurricular and social welfare activities, the cultural exchange programs are an inseparable part of the school. At the academic level, the cultural diversity is offered by teaching the children as many as 7 foreign languages according to their specific inclination. A variety of international exchange programs includes International School award program Ukeiri Generation UK by British Council Quality standards in English language learning, etc. Some towering figures who have graced the school with their presence are Astronaut Sunita Williams, Dr Nelson Mandela and Yasser Arafat among many others.


  • Laboratories for Biology Physics and Chemistry
  • Language Laboratories
  • Math Laboratories
  • 3 Libraries
  • Multimedia Center
  • CT Laboratories for fostering technological skills
  • Discovery Room for enhancing scientific temperament
  • Home Science Lab
  • Art Room, Art Gallery and Recording Studio
  • Auditorium
  • Activity Hive
  • Audio Visual Room



School: Amity International School Saket,

Address: M-Block, Saket New Delhi – 110017.

Contact: 29561606, 29562583




Its dynamic teaching techniques are aimed at the academic, moral and cultural excellence of the students. Extracurricular activities are not just a part of formal arrangement but are specially designed to bring out the best in each student. With 5 universities, 17 schools and pre-schools, more than 150 institutions and global campuses in countries like Romania, California, Mauritius, Singapore, New Jersey and London, the school has a benefit of learning through diverse experiences and the essence of this global experience is used to maintain the highest quality standards. It also featured in Guinness for the students’ scientific achievement. In order to prepare the children to become an inseparable part of India’s space programs, a variety of space-related workshops and activities are conducted on a frequent basis. Students are also encouraged and supported to present their artistic excellence in different forms.


  • CCTV surveillance.
  • PA system.
  • Cameras deployed in corridors.
  • Fire-fighting & fire alarm systems.
  • Power backup.
  • Facilities for various sports – Cricket, Basketball, Football, Skating, Hockey, Karate, Table Tennis etc.
  • Labs for Physics, Biology and Chemistry, Math, Computer and Digital Language
  • Montessori Lab
  • Vocal music Room
  • Dance Room
  • Balance Room
  • Art Rooms, Paper recycling Room, Clay modeling Room,
  • Music Rooms (Western Music, Vocal and Instrumental)
  • Sports Room
  • Karate Room
  • Theater Room
  • Open Air Auditorium
  • Paper recycling Room
  • Library
  • Playground for Cricket, Badminton, Football etc.
  • Swimming
  • Special Learning center with learning difficulties


School: Birla Vidya Niketan

Address: Pushp Vihar, Sector -IV,

New Delhi-110017,


Contact:  +91-011-29578900, 29578960, +91-011-29561940


The school understands its responsibility as mentor to future generations of the country. Only the subject experts with scholarly pursuits who can combine teaching with moral values and cultural traditions are selected after a rigorous process. Students are practically involved in serving the ones who are “the last person in the row”. Right from respectfully serving meals to Category IVth employees to donate the blood and participating in MTNL health meal, the students are allowed to widen their horizons. The school also benefits from Anveshika, a laboratory with the innovative approach to physics that allows students to experiment with different concepts of the success and develop their knowledge regarding their favorite concepts. They can also benefit from the Guidance from eminent personalities of IIT and other prominent institutions. It is supported be IIT Kanpur and Vigyan Prasar Delhi.


  • CCTVs
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Library
  • Laboratories for different subjects
  • Sports Facilities
  • Playground


School: Laxman Public School

Address: Hauz Khas Enclave,New Delhi – 110 016

Contact: 011-26963240, 26865095




The school’s simple motto is Be you. In fact, these 2 words comprise lofty principles, intellectual thought process and excellent moral values. The school believes that each individual has different potential and instead of forcing their students to trudge on an alien path, they are allowed to walk the path they like, in a more organized way. Innate skills of students are recognized at an early level and nurtured with complete care. Academic excellence is assured by flexible yet effective teaching techniques that aim at imparting knowledge to individuals in the way that suits their temperament and inclination. The school has also won International School Award by British Council due to its constant and genuine endeavors to integrate international activities in school curriculum.


  • Library
  • Laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Geography, Computer, Bio Technology, Home Science, Fashion Studies, E-Learning (Smart Class))
  • Sports Facilities for Football, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Gymnasium, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Skating, Taekwondo Badminton,
  • Medical Room
  • Conference hall
  • Science Park
  • 3 playgrounds
  • 5 Open-air theaters
  • Recording studio
  • Aerobics
  • Fine arts hall
  • E-Resource Lab
  • Dance room
  • Music room (Indian Classical Western and instrumental)
  • Clay modeling
  • Paper recycling
  • Photography club
  • Environmental club
  • Bagpipe Band


Name: Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai

Address: Sheikh Sarai- Phase I, Panchsheel Park

New Delhi – 110017

Contact: +91-011-26012218, +91-011-26013134

E-mail :


The school nurtures each student according to his personal capabilities and strengths. Both extrovert and introvert students are nurtured in the specific ways that don’t clash with their innate behavior and personalities. Due to the extensive efforts of school’s brilliant teachers, its students find a rare position in the top 0.1% at the All India level with a meritorious performance in CBSE exams. The school has also found place in prestigious Limca book of awards and its students are actively engaged in a variety of cultural exchange programs of repute. The students have also participated and performed commendably at reputed competitions activities including but not limited to UCMAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Competition. Green Olympias, Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad and Best School projects. A unique coordination of physical stamina, mentally capable and emotional quotient is the essence of the school’s educations.


  • Libraries for senior and junior
  • 5 Computer labs and Eureka Software
  • Well equipped Laboratories
  • Auditorium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Courts (Basketball Badminton, Volleyball
  • Skating Rink
  • Ground area (Hockey, Football and cricket)
  • Table tennis with 4 tables
  • Science Park
  • Infirmary
  • Counseling


Name: Don Bosco School

Address: Alaknanda, New Delhi-110019

Contact: 011-29217712


Website: www.

The school maintains a commendable balance between leniency and discipline. While children are allowed to grow fearlessly by eliminating the corporeal punishment, they are also introduced to the virtues of self-discipline by positively inclining them to live a balanced lifestyle. Hence they learn to grow as a liberal entity controlled by their own discipline. Compassionate teaching staff offers them a home away from home. The extracurricular activities include sports, art, creative pursuits and many more activities. Don Basco


  • Indoor games facility for Badminton, T T, Chess, Caroms, Football
  • Dance Room
  • Music Room
  • Medical Room
  • Prayer Room
  • Counseling Room


School: Tagore International School

Address: E-Block, East of Kailash, New Delhi – 110 065, India

Contact: (91-11)-26433001, 26420088


Website: www.


The school emphasizes on nurturing curiosity and offering courage, confidence, compassion and passion to the little citizens. At the same time it also keeps the vices away by directing teen power into beautiful creative and constructive pursuits. The school believes in “precaution is better than cure” so instead of punishing its students on wrong deeds, major emphasis is given to fill so much positivity, creativity and knowledge in them that they are not attracted to vices of the world.


  • Laboratories (Computer, Math Physics social science)
  • Library
  • Auditorium
  • Activity Rooms
  • Smart Class Room
  • Medical Room
  • Kitchen
  • Splash pool and football
  • Sport and games
  • Elevator
  • Vocal Dance instrumental art n craft
  • RO
  • Sports Faculties for Basketball, Cricket volleyball Taekwondo


School: Gyan Bharati School,

Address: Saket, New Delhi – 110017

Contact:  011 – 26960146

E-mail :


A close relation between teachers and students is established and maintained so that the student should share their problems with the teacher as openly as he discusses his issues with the parents. It allows the teacher to help them at most crucial points of his development, especially during teenage years. It also keeps the teacher informed about any element or inclination that could harm the student’s character. It also offers students a global exposure by conducting a variety of cultural programs and various activities introducing the child to a beautiful world of space.


  • Indoor games
  • Dance rooms
  • Music rooms
  • Health and medical checkup Facility

School: The Indian School

Address: Josip Broz Tito Marg, Sadiq Nagar, Sector 1, Ayurvigyan Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110049, India

Contact: 26265956 – 57,  26257551 – 52

E mail :


The school firmly believes that a healthy body and sound mind are key elements to achieve success in the life. So it works effortlessly to develop the students into accomplished sportspersons. In the same regards it has collaborated with British Council and Youth Sports Trust. It is also among the pilot schools of the British Council PEC India Programmed. In order to motivate the children the teachers also involve themselves actively into sport. Besides, cultural and human values are also inculcated in the students The school also judges the students on American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) to observe their nuanced performance. The school regularly interacts with schools in London under UKeIRI program of British council that involves student and Teachers’ exchanges.


  • Skating rink
  • Cricket Pitch
  • football field
  • Court (Basket Ball and Volleyball)
  • toddlers’ Play area and Splash Pool
  • Yoga & Meditation Room
  • Gym (Indoor)
  • Table tennis
  • Chess and carom boards



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