5 hidden costs besides tution fee you had never budgeted for!


The education industry in India is evolving at a fast pace and the new-age modern schools are aimed at overall development of the students with the help of extracurricular activities various annual events and educational trips. Counted among best schools of India, these child-friendly schools help the students to develop as an accomplished individual who is not only academically efficient but also smart and confident enough to prove himself to be a valuable asset for the job, family, and society.  However, such educations do not come cheap and there are a variety of extra charges applicable to the parents to pay for the activities like field trips, sports competitions, books, specific equipment and training, cultural fests and other extracurricular activities. So while deciding on the budget for the entire academic year, you should not only consider the tuition fees but also add various other charges that are not included in the same. Here are some of the activities/supplies that are not included in tuition fees:

Field Trips

As the schools are getting more inclined towards offering practical education to the children, field trips are becoming highly popular. There are multiple cultural tours, historical tours or other relevant educational tours in any academic year. Though many of such tours may not be mandatory, missing on any of these may hamper the progress of your child as the teachers would teach some important aspects of their academic books while practically visiting these places. Besides, such trips are the best way for the students to enjoy a great outing along with their friends that further strengthens their social skills and confidence. Needless to say, such trips are funded by the parents and are not included in the tuition fees.

Extracurricular activities

There are many ways in which private schools ensure a multi-faceted growth of the students. Extracurricular activities are one among them. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that such activities are the backbone of reputed private schools that shape the future of students by nurturing their talent, enhance their presentation skills, strengthening their confidence and polishing their social skills. However, many of such activities can be quite expensive and would require you to buy costly products for your children like fancy dresses or special equipment. However, as these activities are the best ways to boost the confidence of your child and nurture his talent you can consider it as one of the most rewarding investments you can make during the schooling days of your child.

Annual competitions

Some schools present a pro-active approach when it comes to extracurricular activities. They may want their students to compulsorily participate in annual sports competitions until or unless there is a tangible medical history proving them unfit for the same. It ensures that all the healthy and fit students participate in such competitions and recognize and enhance their skills and stamina. It builds the base for the students to live a fruitful, healthy life that also helps in shaping their career. Besides, this practice is aimed at breaking the inhibitions of the students and making them apt for facing the challenges. Such competitions come at an expensive cost and the same is divided among the parents. So you are liable to pay for such events.

Meal Costs

Most of the reputed private schools offer nutritious and healthy meals to the students to ensure their good mental and physical health. Such meals and menus are designed under the guidance of reputed dietitians. The schools ensure that right from raw ingredients to cooking method, everything should meet high-quality standards. Understandably, it does come at a high price. Besides, the school has to pay the pantry staff too. As a parent, you need to pay for these meals.


Sporting events

As the modern schools are aimed at all-round development of the students, they offer excellent sports activities too. Many schools have reputed coaches who train the students in their preferred sports. Besides, they offer a complete set of equipment, accessories, and clothing for students. They also organize sports tournament in order to offer a complete professional training and polish the students’ talent to meet the industry standards. But reputed Coach commands a hefty salary, sports equipment, and uniform are also expensive and tournaments need traveling, lodging and other associated charges. All these expenses are passed on to the parents and collectively they make a huge amount.



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