Features That Work For You

Flexibility Options

We understand that each admission process is unique and so are your requirements. A whole range of actions from custom form designs to access management for individual team members can be performed using the system.

Multiple Payment Options

Cater to a diverse set of applicants by offering them multiple ways to make payments. Varied online and offline methods are supported to make the process frictionless.

Fast Configuration

Using our quick set up and configuration process it takes few days or even lesser to go live. Removing the headache and helping you focus on what you do best.

Minimal Cost

That means no expense for buying software licenses, maintaining servers or hiring an internal IT team. We charge the applicant a nominal fee only when they make the application payment.

Always Up to Date

We are always building a new & improved version of FormZero. So you always have the latest version with amazing features and an incredible user experience. All of this without making any effort at your end.


Our customizable profile pages allow for immense branding potential for your institute with the ability to have brand focused urls, cover/profile picture and communication.

Create a Relationship

Reach out to specific applicants and forge a relationship using our integrated sms & email engine. Announce results, important updates or major milestones and engage with them.

Automate Documents

Easily automate and generate payment receipts, admit cards, reports and offer letters at different stages for the applicants. And customize the documents so they best represent you.

Built in Dataview

Data is our currency and it is at the forefront of our offering. Retrieve and view subsets of applicant data using a combination of filters & fields with the relevant information always available at your fingertips.

Intelligent Data Reporting

Allow Multiple User Types to generate reports for themselves and use this data for data analysis, presentations, filing and documentation. Create management reports. After all, what good is data without reports?

Applicant Support

For all admission processes, assistance is available via a dedicated email address and a soon to launch knowledge base. This ensures that any applicant issue gets resolved at the earliest.

Institute Relationship Manager

A point of contact relationship manager will be assigned to guide you from process configuration to monitoring, while the admissions are live.